Shingle Care: How It Protects A Roof Deck & Prevents Needing A New One

Posted on: 18 September 2014

Your roof will last longer if you make sure the shingles are properly cared for, as damaged shingles can lead to the need for a new roof deck. You must keep the roof deck protected from water as much as possible to prevent it from rotting away. Below, you will discover how taking care of the shingles can protect the roof deck to prevent having to invest in a replacement.

How Can Taking Care of Shingles Protect a Roof Deck?

When you take care of shingles by replacing the ones that are missing or cracked, it will protect the roof deck from water damage. The reason it is harmful for water to get on the roof deck is due to the sun not being able to shine on it so it can quickly evaporate. When the water does not evaporate fast, mold can develop and cause the roof deck to decay away.

The best way to care for shingles is to make sure there is not a lot of moisture on the roof. Moisture levels can become high if you have rain gutters that are overflowing because they are clogged with leaves. It is in your best interest to climb a ladder and use a trowel to remove the leaves, as moisture can lead to algae deteriorating the shingles and eventually the roof deck.

How Can the Need for a New Roof Deck be Prevented?

You can prevent having to replace the roof deck by hiring a roof specialist to inspect it a least two times per year. The specialist will be able to inspect the shingles and rain gutters to make sure that they are in an exceptional condition. The main thing he or she will look for is algae growth because the spores can consume the limestone in shingles and cause them to deteriorate.

Another way to avoid needing a replacement is to get any trees close to the roof pruned or removed to prevent shade. Algae spores need shade to survive — just like moisture. You don't want algae spreading across your roof because the spores can hold a lot of water.

Keep your roof deck protected by making sure the shingles are not in bad shape. Repairs should be made in a timely manner to prevent the roof deck from being exposed to a lot of water. Your roof will last longer with a little care from a specialist such as Better Contracting Services!