Common Causes Of Accelerated Built-Up Roof Membrane Flat Roof Deterioration

Posted on: 12 May 2016

When compared to sloped roofs, flat roofs are not only easy to install, but also cheaper. And since they require relatively less extensive support structures to support the sloping, they also provide better flexibility when it comes to roofing space utilization. Add these advantages to the fact that they are easy to maintain – their flatness makes it easy to clean and carry out any other maintenance activities – and it is easy to understand why most small business owners prefer them.

In addition to the above advantages, the use of Built-up Roof Membranes (BUR) on flat roofs also guarantees durability, something that usually reduces the overall roofing costs. However, there are things that can compromise this guaranteed durability.


Flat roofs that use Built-up Roof membranes usually rely on the binding quality of hot asphalt or tar to stay intact. Exposure to the sun's heat usually causes the ingredients that give the asphalt and tar their binding qualities to evaporate. It increases the rate at which the asphalt gets oxidized, something that then causes it to become brittle. The fact that sun exposure also means exposure to ultraviolet rays only makes the situation worse.

To help protect against the devastating effects of the sun's rays, it is always advisable for you apply mineral granules or crushed stones for protection. The use of a sealant that has UV ray resistance will also go a long way towards protecting your roof from premature deterioration.


The cracks that form due to exposure to sunlight usually provide an opening through which water can seep through. This usually speeds up the deterioration process especially during the cold seasons because when this water freezes, it will expand -- something that will then expand the cracks. Larger cracks will then let in more water, which may then do more damage.

There's also the fact that water may seep through the formed cracks. This water may then cause any wood support structures to rot. As for those made of metallic materials, it will cause them to rust. This will then weaken the overall roof structure and thus increasing the chances the roof dipping. This will increase the risks of formation of water dams on the roof, something that may then expose your roof to more water damage.

Seal any cracks that form on your roof as soon as they start to appear. As for the water pools that form on the roof, you should drain the water using a water pump as soon as possible. You can thereafter call a roofing contractor like Marshall Roofing Ltd roofing to help fix your roof support system problems.