Installing A New Roof On Your Mobile Home: An Owner's Guide

Posted on: 16 May 2017

Is the roof of your mobile home beginning to leak extensively? While you could keep patching up the leaky areas, eventually the roof will deteriorate to the point that you need to replace it completely. Replacing a mobile home roof is a bit different than replacing a roof on the average house. Read on to learn about this process and the related decisions you need to make.

What are your options?

There are really two ways to "replace" the roof on a mobile home. You can have the current roof removed and a new one put in its place, or you can do what's called an "over-roof." Over-roofing is when a new roof is placed directly on top of the old roof without removing it.

What are the pros and cons of each option?

Removing and replacing the old roof will ensure that any underlying problems with the wooden roof underlayment are detected. You'll have less chance of eventual mold and moisture problems with this option, since you won't be sealing in any moisture in the current roof. However, a complete roof replacement is more expensive, takes more time, and generates a lot of waste from the old roof materials.

Over-roofing is cheaper, faster, and does not involve a lot of cleanup. However, the new roofing you put on top will be more prone to deterioration and premature wear, since you may trap some moisture between the two layers of roofing.

What are your material choices?

If your mobile home has a pitched roof, as most modern models do, then you can use most any conventional roofing material, from shingles to metal panels, for your new roof.

If your mobile home has a flat roof, as a lot of older models do, then things get a bit more complicated. You need to choose a roofing material that will stand up to pooling water and debris sticking to the roof. TPO, a type of rubber roofing, is a common choice. Some mobile home owners also have success with standing seam aluminum roofing, which works well in hot climates since it reflects sunlight away from the roof.

If your mobile home's roof has been leaking, don't delay making the necessary repairs. Contact a roofing replacement company in your area, and they can come assess the damage and make recommendations for a roof replacement. Having a few estimates in hand will make choosing between a complete replacement and an over-roofing job a lot easier, too.