What To Expect When Your Home's Roof Is Being Replaced

Posted on: 14 June 2017

For most homeowners, roof replacement is not a frequent occurrence. You might have a roof replaced once, twice, or maybe three times in your life. As such, it's common for homeowners not to know what to expect when the roofing company rolls in and starts work. But since knowing what to expect can make the experience a more positive one for all involved, here's a closer look at what will happen -- and what won't happen -- during your roof replacement.

Expect a mess.

Any quality roofing company will do what they can to contain the mess generated when your old roof is torn off. They should put down plastic drop cloths along the edge of your home, and pick up large pieces of shingle that blow off these tarps. However, tearing off a roof is a very messy job, and even with these containment measures, you're almost certain to get some scraps of singles, nails, and other debris in your landscaping. Be prepared to spend an afternoon doing a little final cleanup once the job is complete.

Expect noise and disturbances.

If you work from home or usually sleep during the day, you may want to make alternative plans on the day -- or two days -- that the roofers will be working on your home. Roofing is very loud; you will hear the nailing through the roof when you're inside the home. If you have young kids, you may also want to take them to a friend's house for the day as they may find the noise unsettling.

Expect a large crew.

It's important for roofing companies to work quickly, since once the old roof is removed from your home, the home remains vulnerable to weather until a new one is applied. To ensure the job is completed as quickly as possible, roofing teams are usually large. Expect a big crew of workers to show up. The team may change partway through the day, especially if the weather is hot, because working on a roof is very strenuous and tiring.

If you are feeling generous, you can offer the roofers a cold beverage or some snacks. However, this is by no means required. They will make their own meal plans while on the job.

If you have any further questions about what to expect when your roof is being installed, reach out to your roofing company. They've likely done hundreds of projects just like yours and are used to fielding concerns from homeowners.

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