How To Remodel A Space That's Been Vacant

Posted on: 13 July 2017

Vacancies of all types can have an effect on a home. Here are some things to consider when revamping and remodeling these spaces for full-time residency.

Vacation Homes and Other Little-Used Spaces

The first type of vacancy would be a home that's occasionally used as a vacation home or rental. These houses may have issues, for starters, with their plumbing. Low usage of plumbing fixtures might mean that you need to run the water for 30 minutes or more so that the sediment clears out of pipes. If erosion has occurred in the home due to low maintenance, call in a plumbing specialist to repair sections of the piping before you move back in.

With these spaces, you might need to do some work to get air quality back up to snuff if the place has collected dust. A HEPA air filter is the best option because its small filter size will pick up a wide variety of sediments.

House with a Year or More of Vacancy

By contrast, houses that have sat empty for a year or more will need a bit more work to get them back up to speed. The first thing to look into is the electrical wiring. If there have been any animals or pests in the house, they might have chewed through wiring. Before you begin to use the space as normal, you will want to check on the condition of wiring with your electrician's help.

Doing a good HVAC cleaning will be another great use of resources. There might be problems with dust or mold due to low circulation throughout the house. A heating and cooling specialist will scrub air ducts and apply a disinfectant spray to ensure that air quality problems don't remain a factor.

Updates for All Spaces

Any space that hasn't been your main residence for a while will probably need some style updates to bring it to standard. You would be surprised with the value that finish updates can bring, because they will turn the room into a brand new version of itself. Cabinets, wall colors, tabletops, and floor coatings are all something to consider.

Paying attention to landscaping needs that have fallen by the wayside is a great favor to your neighbors, and if you are using a home as a vacation rental you're bound to get more people booking with you if the yard looks pristine and updated.  

Also look into storm damage roof repair for sections of the home that have been damaged due to weather conditions while you were away; it's likely that the roof needs to be patched or have sections replaced completely after years of disuse. If a home is only sometimes occupied, you're more likely to miss areas of damage, so don't hesitate to call a company like Todd Harkleroad Roofing Inc. to inspect and repair your roof.

The sooner you make these repairs and changes, the sooner your home can be used again.