Ready for a New Roof? 4 Reasons Slate Tiles Are the Right Choice for Your Home

Posted on: 18 July 2017

If your home needs a new roof, don't settle for the same old asphalt shingles. Take a step beyond basic, and choose slate tiles instead. Slate tiles add beauty to any home, and go well with any style of home. Not only that, they'll last for much longer than your standard roofing materials. In fact, because slate is natural stone, your tiles will last as long as your home does. Here are four other important reasons why you should choose slate tiles for your new roof.

They'll Help the Environment

If you're concerned about the environment, your new roof should made from slate tiles. Unlike other roofing materials that are man-made, slate tiles are made from rock, meaning they're entirely natural. Because they're natural, no harsh chemicals are used to manufacture the finished product. Not only that, but because the tiles are made from rock, they won't end up in the landfill should you ever decide to replace your roof. Even if the fasteners wear out, your roofing contractors will be able to reuse your slate tiles, meaning you won't have to purchase new tiles.

They'll Withstand All Types of Weather

If you live in a region of the United States that experiences severe weather patterns, such as high winds, torrential rains, snow, or even hail, you'll want slate tiles on you roof. While all roofing materials will withstand some severe weather, only slate tiles can withstand all types of severe weather. They'll even protect your home against damage caused by falling trees, which is beneficial during periods of high winds.

They'll Protect Your Home in a Fire

If you live in the mountains, or other areas that are prone to wildfires, you should choose a slate roof for your home. Slate tiles are completely fireproof, since they're made entirely from stone. It should be noted that you should still take measures to protect the rest of your home from wildfires. For instance, always create defensible space around the perimeter of your home, which means that you'll need to clear away all weeds and debris that could catch fire.

They'll Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

If your home isn't as energy efficient as you'd like it to be, it's time to install a slate tile roof. Your new roof will insulate your home, so you'll use less energy to heat and cool your home throughout the year. As a result, you'll spend less money to keep you and your family comfortable. To learn more about energy efficient options, contact local companies like Queston Construction Inc.