3 Problems That Can Occur With A New Roof

Posted on: 7 August 2017

At minimum, a new roof is expected to last 20 years. However, it is possible for the roofing to start showing signs of failure before the minimum is reached. If your newly installed roof is failing, here are some of the most common reasons that it can occur.  

Poor Installation 

The most obvious reason that your newly installed roofing could fail is a poor installation job. Ideally, you should select a roofer who has proven experience with installing the type of roofing that you chose. If not, you could have problems, such as water leakage, poor ventilation, and increased energy bills.  

Avoiding a poor installation is possible with the right research. Before selecting a roofer, check his or her references. You also need to check with your state's licensing agency to ensure that the roofer has the proper license. If he or she does, you know that he or she at least met the minimum qualifications to perform the job.  

Lack of Drainage 

If you have a flat roof, one of the problems you could face is ponding. Ponding refers to pools of water that remain standing on your roof after rain or snow. The water can increase the wear and tear on your roof and eventually seep beneath the roof's surface and into your home.  

Ponding is a sign that proper considerations were not made to prevent it. For instance, the addition of drains could help. The roofer could have also crafted a slight slope that would keep the water moving from the surface of the roof.  

Improper Flashing Seals 

The flashing is more than just a decorative part of your roof. The flashing is part of the system that helps to keep water from entering your home. Unfortunately, inexperienced roofers might be tempted to use a quick fix to keep the flashing in place rather than properly seal it.  

If the flashing is not properly sealed, you will notice when water enters your home. You should also be able to see the flashing raising up from the roof as time passes. If this occurs, the flashing has a caulking sealant, which fades over time.  

Many problems that can go wrong with a new roof are avoidable with an experienced roofing contractor. The contractor will not only ensure the roofing is installed correctly but will schedule regular inspections of the roofing to guarantee it is in good condition and to detect any problems before they worsen. Check with companies like Darnell Construction for more information.