Four Ways Your Foundation Can Sink, And The Signs Of Damage It Causes

Posted on: 20 September 2017

Sinking foundation repairs are inevitable if your home was built on soft soil, sandy soil, or loamy soil. How can you tell that it is happening? Well, the house's foundation can sink four different ways, so there are four distinct signs:

The Corner(s) Sinks

The corner of a house is almost always the first thing to sink. This happens when the soil underneath is imbalanced or is softer than the soil under the other corners of the foundation. The obvious signs will be that everything liquid or round rolls downhill to that corner or corners of the house, and the affected house corner(s) will have cracking in the walls surrounding the corner(s).

One Whole Side Sinks

When one whole side of your house sinks, it is because that side of the house is heavier than the other sides. If most of the bedrooms in the house are on one side, the weight eventually pushes down on the foundation. You will feel like you are constantly walking downhill as you make the transition from one side of the house to the other. Additionally, cracks will actually appear in the walls midline with the walls on the front and back ends of the house.

The Front Half or Back Half Sinks

Similarly, the front or back half sinks for all of the above reasons. Unlike the single side of the house sinking, the front or back half and some of the connecting sides sink with the sinking half. This creates trouble both above and below ground. The cracks will appear on the side walls in the middle of the walls, widening in the direction of the sinking half. Underneath the ground, the sewer pipes may be badly damaged as the house shifts forward or backward and puts a strain on the straight line of pipes heading to the city sewer.

The Entire House Sinks

This happens very rarely. When it does happen, your house will continue to sink anywhere from a few millimeters to a few inches every year, or until the foundation cannot take the strain and just crumbles underneath the weight of the house. At this point, the damage is so bad that you will need to lift the entire house off of the crumbling foundation to replace the foundation as a whole. Then you will need to brace and elevate the foundation so that you will not have to repeat this process in the future.

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