3 Tips To Help Protect Roofing From Fungus, Weather Damage, And Mother Nature

Posted on: 2 November 2017

There are different causes of damage to shingles, but nature is a force to be reckoned with. Fungus and weather damage will quickly destroy asphalt shingles if proper maintenance and preventive measures are not done. To protect your roofing from fungus, cleaning and zinc strips are a good solution. To give your home more protection from weather damage, use better quality shingles, add insulation in the right places, and reinforce the most vulnerable areas of your roof. Here are some tips that will help protect your roof from mother nature and the damage she can cause:

The Battle Against Fungus for Shaded Roofs

Fungus is a problem for roofs that have a lot of shade from roofs. The trees around your home provide valuable shade to stay cool, but this can lead to fungus. To ensure fungus does not grow, make sure to keep trees trimmed back a safe distance from your roof and thin the canopy enough to allow a minimal amount of sunlight through. An additional strip of zinc on the shade areas of your roof will also help to keep fungus growth under control.

Reduce Storm Damage Problems with Better Quality Shingles

Storm damage is often caused due to wind and hail, which is worse if you use the cheapest asphalt shingles. When it is time to replace your roof, look at the wind rating and lifetime guarantee of shingles. Spending a little more for quality shingles may save you from the headache of storm and wind damage repairs. These shingles are usually more durable and will also last a few more years than the average single-tab shingle products.

Protect Your Roof Leaks by Reinforcing the Area with Flashing At The Eaves

There are some areas of your roof that are just prone to wear, such as valleys or structural walls that meet roof slopes. Protect the more vulnerable areas of your roof with an extra layer of flashing or a rubber roofing membrane beneath metal flashing. At the eaves, you may also want to have the shingles reinforce to protect against weather phenomena like ice dams. Ice dams form at the lower areas of roofs, which is why reinforcements are good for protecting your roof. 

These are some tips that can help protect your home from mother nature and the damage she causes. Contact a roofing repair contractor to get help with repairs and improvements to ensure your roof weathers many storms for many years to come.