Gutter Maintenance And Repair Tips

Posted on: 29 December 2017

The gutters on your home serve a purpose. They direct rainwater pouring down your roof to the downspouts and away from your home. The redirection of water can help prevent flooding near your home's foundation and can prevent water damage to your roof, soffit, and fascia. Gutters are an important aspect of your home and should be maintained and cared for properly. See below for tips to maintain, care for, and repair your gutters.

Clean Them Out Seasonally

Clean out your gutters each season to remove leaves, dirt, twigs, and buds. Use a gardening shovel and a bucket to clean out the gutters. Start at one end and work your way down to the other scooping out the debris from your gutters. Repeat the process all the way around your home. Also, be sure to spray them clean with a garden hose. Clean the downspouts as well by placing the garden hose down the downspouts to be sure they aren't clogged.

Gutters that are clogged with debris will cause water to dam up, which can cause the water to collect and overflow. This can lead to water damage on your roof, soffit, and fascia, or even cause interior water damage to your home.

Make Repairs

Repair your gutters if they are sagging or pulling away from your house. Be sure the nails or gutter hangers holding them in place are all secure. Sagging gutters can lead to water damage issues as well. If you don't have gutter hangers or can't find the nails that were holding them in place, visit your local hardware store to replace these and get your gutters back where they should be. 

If your gutters are leaking in any areas, it can also lead to damage. Check that the seams are secure, and if they aren't, add rivets to the gutter to secure them. You can also spray the inside of the gutter with a sealant to prevent leaking. If the gutter repairs are too intense, contact professionals from a gutter service--like Hogan  Roofing.

Add Downspout Extensions

To keep water from pooling too closely to your foundation, you should have downspout extensions in place to direct water away. If you don't have these, or if they are damaged in any way, replace or add the extensions to your downspouts. You can find extensions at your local hardware store. You can make them as long as you like to keep the water away. Water that pools too closely to your foundation can eventually lead to water damage to your basement or crawl space.

Water can do a lot of damage, which is why gutters are very important on a home. Inspect your gutters often to be sure they are in good shape. If your gutters are in need of repair or replacement, call a professional gutter service company to have your gutters repaired or to have new ones installed.