Five Things That May Be Done By Roofers When Finding A Leak

Posted on: 12 March 2018

In order to repair a leak in a roof, roofers need to locate the leak. Unfortunately, locating a leak can be difficult. Water that leaks into a home in one spot might originate from a perforation located at a distant part of the roof.

Roofers go through a few steps to located a leak. The following are five things that may be done by roofers when they're finding a leak:

Performing a careful inspection of gutters

A lot of roof leaks actually originate from the gutters. For this reason, inspecting gutters is an important first step in locating a leak.

Gutter leaks are perhaps the easiest roof leaks to repair. In many cases, they can be quickly and inexpensively repaired with a bit of roof sealant. 

Performing a careful inspection of ceilings on the home's interior

A leak will typically present itself as a moist spot in the ceiling of a home. Finding the moist spots on the interior can help in locating where the leak is coming in on the exterior of the home. 

Particular attention will be paid to the attic ceiling or to the ceiling of the upper floor of the building. Often, dripping water will be found in the attic when ceiling moisture occurs on a home's interiors. 

Inspecting the roof for penetrations above the area where the leak is found

If there is no attic in a home or if no dripping water is found in the attic, the roof above the area where the leak appears can be inspected for perforations.

It's pretty typical for a leak to appear only when there is precipitation outside. This makes it so that inspection of a roof for penetrations is often necessary because the leak is not currently apparent due to a lack of recent rain or snowfall. 

The roof can be inspected by sight to locate a fissure in shingles or any other type of opening. If no obvious opening is found, further steps need to be taken to locate the leak.

Applying water to the roof to find where it's going through

Sometimes it helps to allow a hose to pour water onto a roof and see if moisture appears on the inside of the home. This can allow roofers to observe the leak first hand to attempt to gain insights into its exact location. 

Pulling up shingles to find a perforation

If a leak still has not been located after all the above mentioned steps have been taken, it may be necessary to pull up shingles or other roofing material to locate the source of the leak.

A leak cannot be allowed to continue permitting moisture into a home's interior or water damage can result. New roofing may need to be installed over an area where a leak is found if the exact source of the leak cannot be determined. For more information, contact companies like Cloise & Mike Construction Inc.