Two Signs Which Could Mean That Your Basement Needs To Be Repaired

Posted on: 22 March 2018

The foundation of a home is designed to support the entire structure of the house. It's supposed to act as an even, level space where the weight of your house can be properly spread out. If you have a basement, this is the first part of your home that comes into contact with the foundation. When there are massive amounts of water pouring into your basement, it's easy to tell that you need to get some repairs done. But what about the more subtle signs that are so easy to overlook? Here are a few symptoms to look for when you're trying to figure out if your basement needs to be repaired.

Floors Are Starting to Shift or Become Uneven

If you walk down into your basement after a storm and find that there are pools of water in some spots but none in others, this is an important sign. It means that the floor is starting to become uneven in some places. The difference can be hard to detect, especially if it still seems like the floor is level when you look at it with the naked eye.

There are several reasons why your floors might have started to shift. The soil under your foundation might have thinned out due to erosion. If this happens, the house will naturally settle into the spaces that are left bare after the soil is gone. If you're not aware of this process and don't quickly replace the soil and have it impacted immediately, parts of your basement might fall under the water line. Bits of water could start to trickle in, and you'll notice that it tends to pool up in those lower spots around the basement.

There Are More Cracks in Your Walls Than Usual

It's quite natural for a newly built house to settle. The home nestles into the earth and becomes more stable. As this happens cracks often start to appear along a few of the walls. It's nothing major and generally no cause for alarm.

However, if your house has been up for a long time, there's no reason for additional settling to take place. If you start to notice fresh cracks on your walls, it might be time to call in a professional to see if your basement or foundation needs to be repaired.

Taking care of your basement is a great way to maintain your prime investment. Keep your basement and foundation in great shape and your house should be good for the long haul. Go to website resources to learn more.