3 Roof Maintenance Tips For Shaded Homes With Fungus Problems

Posted on: 13 April 2018

In some areas, having shaded roofs helps to keep homes cool during the summer months. It can also mean problems with fungus that causes wear of roofing materials. To deal with fungus problems, you may need to clean your roof with a fungicide. There is also maintenance that can be done to help prevent problems with fungus on your roof. Here are some tips that will help you deal with a shaded roof and potential problems with fungus like moss or lichen growth:

1. Keeping Trees Trimmed to Allow Sunlight on Roofing

The shade trees around your home are valuable during hot summer days, but also help to provide the perfect settings for fungus to take over. Allowing a little light through the canopy of trees will help to prevent moss and lichen growth on shingles, while still giving your home enough shade to help keep it cool during the hottest summer days. Make sure to have your trees trimmed annually to thin growth from the canopy and allow sunlight to reach the surface of roofing materials. This will also help prevent damage to your home from tree branches falling on it.

2. Cleaning Your Roof Careful to Remove and Prevent Fungus Growth

Cleaning your roof is also important to remove fungus growth and prevent it from taking over. Use a diluted solution of cleaner and a soft-bristled broom to clean the roof, and then rinse it with a hose. If you have a problem with fungus on your roof, use specially formulated cleaning products for roofing materials, which are meant to clean the fungus and inhibit growth. You should avoid using pressure washers to clean your roof, and if you do use them, make sure they are on the lowest setting, so the pressure does not damage shingles.

3.Choosing Roofing Materials and Features That Inhibit Fungus Growth

There are also many different choices of roofing materials that can be used on your roof. Choose materials that are designed for roofs where fungus is a problem. These can be shingles that have a fungicide treatment or specially treated wood shake roofing materials. In addition, consider features like zinc materials in areas where your home gets the most shade to help prevent fungus growth and get more life out of roofing materials.

These are some tips to help deal with shaded roofs and fungus problems that can cause damage to your roofing. If you need help with repairs and maintenance, contact a roofing contractor to ensure fungus does not destroy your roof. Visit a site like http://www.us-roofing.com for more help.