Commercial Metal Roof Damage

Posted on: 13 August 2018

Is there the odor of mildew in your business establishment that seems to be getting stronger? Figuring out where the mildew is located can be complicated in a large building. If there are any damaged pipes in the building, you should get the roof inspected by a professional as soon as possible. A roof leak can cause numerous problems to develop, as rainwater can fall into wall cavities and sit for a long time without your knowledge. The content below provides an overview of a damaged metal roof and why getting it repaired is good for your business.

A Damaged Metal Roof Can Develop Holes

Other than becoming loose, metal roofing materials can also develop holes. Depending on the type of metal that is on your roof, constant exposure to water and other elements can cause it to become corroded. Holes will eventually develop as the metal begins to corrode that puts the wooden roof deck at a high risk for getting damaged. It is usually necessary for metal roofing materials that have holes to be replaced altogether unless they are few and small enough to be repaired. A roofer will know what to do if holes are present, and it is wise for you to follow his or her advice.

Your Walls Can Become Soggy & Unstable

If the roof is damaged to a certain extent, rainwater can get into the wall cavities and cause problems. The frame of your walls and drywall will eventually become excessively soggy from the water exposure. Your building will then be at risk for caving in due to the walls not being strong enough to remain standing. You must understand that a severely damaged roof and unstable walks puts your customers at risk for getting injured, which would likely lead to a lawsuit or worse. You can get a good idea as to whether or not your metal roof is leaking based on drywall discoloration, a drooping ceiling, or mold growth in the building.

Paint Can Protect a Metal Roof from Water

If you must replace your metal roof and intend on getting the same type, it is important to take action to protect it from rainwater and other elements. The key is to ensure that there is a barrier between the metal and elements. Paint can be used as a sealcoating for a metal roof. The roofer that is hired for the job can possibly do the painting on your behalf.

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