3 Essential Things To Look For When Hiring A Roofing Contractor

Posted on: 8 September 2018

How long has it been since your roof was repaired or replaced? Have you recently realized that it's probably been a few decades and that your roof is overdue for an update? Whether you've lived in the house since its last roof replacement or you only moved in a few years ago, it's easy to lose track of how long it's been since anything was done. But when you haven't needed to do anything in the interim, you also may have no idea as to how to go about choosing the right service personnel for the job. Some things that you need to look for include:

Licensing & insurance: When looking for a roofing contractor, always choose one that is insured. While not all areas have licenses available for roofers, you should definitely choose a licensed roofer whenever possible. Without licensing and insurance, your homeowner's insurance may hold you liable for any damage claims you file as a result of the work being done to your house. For instance, imagine that one of the workers accidentally puts a ladder through your window. If you try to file a claim with your homeowner's insurance and they find out that the damage was caused by unlicensed and uninsured workers that you hired, they may refuse to pay out on your claim.

Physical location: You should always try to visit the physical offices of a roofing contractor whenever possible. It may be no more than a tiny office where paperwork is done, but it's still a good idea to go there for the signing of any contracts. There are, unfortunately, people out there who will misrepresent themselves as working for a legitimate roofing company when they have no affiliation with them whatsoever. This is especially easy to do when you find your roofing company via online classifieds. Unless you visit the physical location, you may have no way of knowing whether you're talking to an authorized person, an employee who is doing unauthorized moonlighting with the company equipment, or someone who has nothing to do with the company at all. Contact a company like Emerald Roofing for more information.

Company age: How long the company has been in business should play an important part in your choice of a roofing contractor. The longer a company has been in business, the more experience their employees are likely to have. In addition, it's a good sign that they haven't had any significant complaints since they opened their doors. Some less savory companies, whether they are roofers or are in another industry entirely, will change their name every few years in an attempt to disguise who they are and to hide the enormous pile of customer issues that they've had in the past.