Protect Your Assets From The Top: Keep Your Roof In Good Shape

Posted on: 4 January 2019

When you own a commercial building, keeping your roof in good shape is vital to the health of your building. If your space is a retail store, then you are doing more than simply protecting the structure of the building. If it rains inside the building, merchandise will get ruined and business will get lost. While taking care of your commercial roof isn't the most exciting investment, it is necessary. Your roof should be inspected whenever there is a leak. If the roof is flat, it's important to have the roof checked after heavy storms to make sure there's no standing water. Your roof protects your property and needs good maintenance.

The Life of Your Roof

The life of your commercial roof depends on a variety of factors. Your commercial roof can last anywhere from 10 - 50 years, depending on the materials used, maintenance, and weather conditions. Your roof should be inspected on a regular basis and checked for cracks, standing water, or areas that are fading. When you have a flat asphalt roof, areas can sink slightly, making it easy for water to build up. When you stay on top of repairs, you are less likely to need a brand new roof installed right away.

When Your Roof Leaks

Your roof can leak because of poor flashing, damage caused by a storm, or simple wear and tear on your roof. If you notice a leak in your building, look for the cause immediately. Buckets spread across your retail space are going to be unsightly and detract from your business. Get to the cause of the problem, and make sure it gets fixed. This may mean you have to have your entire roof resurfaced to ensure a seal on the roof. If your roof is cracked, peeling, or simply in terrible shape, you'll want to have the roof replaced.

Have Your Roof Inspected Twice a Year

When you have a large commercial property, you should have your roof checked twice a year for problems. If there are small cracks, these can be repaired before the problem gets bigger. While you can walk up on the roof on your own, a professional, like those at Moriarty Roofing & Sheet Metal, will know what types of problems to look for.

The roof on your commercial property is protecting your biggest assets. If you have a bad storm, check your roof for damage. Don't ignore small problems with your roof so that you don't cause further damage to your property.