Tips For Installing Skylights In A Commercial Roof

Posted on: 28 March 2019

It's tempting to just cut a hole in your roof and put in a skylight. A skylight can instantly make a room look and feel more luxurious. Skylights are also quite functional since they can increase the amount of natural light entering a room.

However, many people make certain simple mistakes when putting in skylights. At the end of the day, the result may turn out to be quite different from what you expected. How can you get great results when installing a skylight on commercial roofing?

Choose Good Quality Skylights

There are many budget skylights in the market today and you're better off staying away from these options when you go shopping. A skylight will be required to take a lot of punishment. From heavy rains to high temperatures, there are many natural forces that can cause you skylight to deteriorate with time.

Long for a good quality skylight that will not deteriorate and start leaking within a short time. Your building residents will thank you for it.

Correct Placement is Key

A single skylight isn't always going to light up every corner of a room. There's only so much a skylight can do. Additionally, if your skylight is facing the wrong direction, it may not even capture enough light to be of much use.

All this comes down to the proper placement of the skylight. You may need to call in an expert to tell you which are the best spots to install your skylights in around the roof. This will ensure optimal lighting of your commercial building.

Add Diffusers

It's not enough for a skylight to bring in light into a room. It's also important to think about how the skylight will be bringing the light into the room. This is where diffusers come in. Diffusers resemble light fixtures and they enable you to introduce the natural lighting in a manner that is stylish.

Consider The Add-Ons You May Need

There are certain add-ons that may or may not be useful for your skylight. In areas that are humid or damp, the buildup of steam can reduce the effectiveness of the skylight. Therefore, you'll to have to think about getting a ventilation kit to prevent this.

A daylight dimmer is also a useful addition to have for your skylight. You may not always want light in a room during the day e.g. when you want to take a siesta or watch a movie.

Contact a roof installation service for more help.