Why Maintaining Your Gutters Matters, And How To Maintain Them

Posted on: 24 May 2019

The main function of roof gutters is to collect water from the roof for proper drainage. The water can cause serious damage if your gutters are not functional or are missing.

Damages That Gutters Prevent

Here are some of the specific damages that good gutters prevent.

Roof Leaks

Damaged gutters may allow water to back up under the roof, cause damage, and lead to roof leaks. This can happen, for example, if the gutters have the wrong slope or are clogged with debris and can't channel water into the downspouts.

Basement Flooding

Flooded, leaking, or missing gutters will allow water from the roof to fall onto the ground around the house. Such water may seep into the ground and the basement, causing basement flooding in serious cases.

Landscaping and Hardscaping Damage

Good landscaping and hardscaping contribute greatly to your home's curb appeal. However, damaged or nonexistent gutters can ruin them all. If water is falling near the house instead of flowing into the downspouts, it can ruin your lawn, plants, and even erode your pavements.

Siding Damage

In serious rainfalls or snowfalls, water from the roof can actually cause flooding in your home and damage your siding. Depending on your roof's design, water from the roof may also fall directly on the siding if the gutters are not doing their work properly. The result will be peeling paint, rotting wood, paint discoloration and other forms of siding damage.

Gutter Maintenance Tips

The good news is that once you have installed the right gutters, you just have to maintain them to prevent the damages above. Here are some critical gutter maintenance practices.

Plug Leaks

Holes, cracks, and disjointed seams can leak water instead of letting the water flow into the downspout. Corrosion, debris accumulation, and weather damage may cause such damages. Inspect your gutters for such damages and plug them immediately to avoid leaks.

Ensure Adequate Slope

Water will only flow along the gutter if the gutter slopes. Damage to gutter fasteners or weight of debris in the gutters may interfere with this useful slope. Therefore, maintaining the correct gutter slope is also a critical maintenance practice.

Keep them Clean

Debris affects gutter operations in different ways. The weight of the debris can affect the slope of the gutters or disconnect the gutters at the seams. The debris can block water within the gutters. The debris can also encourage the gutters to corrode. Clean your gutters regularly to avoid such problems.

Speak with a local roofing company for more information.