Three Common Issues Your Roof Will Encounter

Posted on: 29 May 2017

When a roof suffers problems, it can cause sizable issues for the homeowner, as they will have to address these damages to prevent major damage occurring. There are some issues that will be more common for roofs to encounter, and it is important to be familiar with these threats so that the appropriate actions can be taken to protect the house.    Squirrels And Birds It is a reality that squirrels, birds and other small animals may be attracted to the roof.
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Three Factors Of Your Climate That Dictate Whether Or Not Metal Roofing Is Your Ideal Roofing Material

Posted on: 21 May 2017

Many roofing manufacturers would have you believe that their roofing product, whatever it is, is the best one and ideal for your situation; however, there are several environmental factors that vary by situation and can make all the difference in which roofing product actually is the best for your roof. Some types of roofing perform better in warm climates than other types do, for example, and there are also weather factors that can cause problems for some types of roofing more than others.
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Installing A New Roof On Your Mobile Home: An Owner's Guide

Posted on: 16 May 2017

Is the roof of your mobile home beginning to leak extensively? While you could keep patching up the leaky areas, eventually the roof will deteriorate to the point that you need to replace it completely. Replacing a mobile home roof is a bit different than replacing a roof on the average house. Read on to learn about this process and the related decisions you need to make. What are your options?
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Commercial Roofing 101: 4 Issues Affecting Flat Roofs

Posted on: 11 May 2017

Commercial roofs are susceptible to many issues. This is because unlike residential roofs, most commercial roofs are flat roofs. In order to prevent the need for costly repairs, business owners should be on the lookout for some specific problems that flat roofs are more likely to experience. So what issues should you be wary of? Here are four common problems: 1. Standing Water One of the mot common issues a commercial roof will experience is standing water.
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