The Drawbacks & Advantages of Wood Shingles

Posted on: 27 February 2018

When it comes to replacing your roof, there are number of modern products to choose from. Synthetic materials like ceramic and composite would are becoming more and more popular. At the same time, natural stones, like slate, are also very desirable and on trend at the moment. However, wooden shingles remain one of the most popular roofing products for residential properties. This article explains exactly why they are so popular, and a few of their main drawbacks that you should know about before you make an investment.
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What You Need To Know Before Getting A New Roof

Posted on: 16 February 2018

A roof replacement is something that many homeowners end up considering at some point. In fact, in some cases, a homeowner will need to have their home's roof replaced more than once, especially in the case of asphalt shingle roofing. The average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is between 20 and 40 years. Other types of roofing, such as metal and slate, can last a lot longer. For those who are considering roof replacement, here are three things that you need to know before getting a new roof.
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Why Roof Pitch Matters

Posted on: 6 February 2018

Do you know the pitch of your roof? This is something which most homeowners have no knowledge of, despite the far-reaching influences it has on the roof. Here are some of the reasons you should understand your roof's pitch: It Determines the Best Material to Use Most roofing materials can be used on almost all kinds of roofs, but there is always the best material to use depending on the roof pitch.
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Prevent Leaks In Your Home By Replacing Torn Shingles

Posted on: 24 January 2018

Torn asphalt shingles may cause moisture to penetrate and accumulate under a rooftop, leading to damage inside of your residence. When the weather is warm and dry, it is the perfect time to remove damaged shingles and replace them with new roofing materials. Complete the project below to restore the strength of your home's rooftop. Supplies Needed utility ladder safety belt and harness nail pulling tool hand broom crowbar asphalt shingles measuring tape utility knife galvanized roofing nails hammer epoxy sealant narrow paintbrush Loosen And Lift Damaged Shingles And Sweep The Rooftop
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