• Refoofing: Key Considerations

    Is your roof in bad shape and looking shoddy?  Naturally, you don't want your roof to become a neighborhood eyesore, so it's time to have a new one put on. One attractive idea that might not occur to every homeowner is to have your home "reroofed",  a construction technique also known as a roof overlay. The following article examines some key considerations regarding this interesting option. Definition Reroofing, or roof overlay, involves placing the new roof material directly over the old one.
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  • Protect Your Assets From The Top: Keep Your Roof In Good Shape

    When you own a commercial building, keeping your roof in good shape is vital to the health of your building. If your space is a retail store, then you are doing more than simply protecting the structure of the building. If it rains inside the building, merchandise will get ruined and business will get lost. While taking care of your commercial roof isn't the most exciting investment, it is necessary. Your roof should be inspected whenever there is a leak.
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