• 4 Reasons to Schedule a Home Roofing Inspection

    It's a good idea to give your roof a cursory visual inspection once or twice a year so you can spot developing damage, but occasionally you need to schedule a professional roof inspection. Here are four reasons to schedule a roofing inspection. 1. After a Major Storm Storms are one of the main causes of roof damage. If your area has recently experienced high winds or hail, then a full roof inspection needs to be performed.
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  • 2 Ways To Keep Your Asphalt Shingle Roof Looking Good

    If you have just gotten a new asphalt shingle roof put on your house, you want to make sure that you can make that roof last as long as possible. Before your roofer leaves, talk to them to get get some tips on the best way to care for your new roof. They can tell you some things that you can do that will help you take care of your investment and keep your roof in good shape for a longer time.
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  • The Benefits Of Choosing A Flat Roof For Your Home

    Although flat roofs are traditionally favored for commercial buildings, homeowners are also jumping on the bandwagon as they come to terms with the benefits that these roofs can deliver.  Is a flat roof completely flat? Despite the name, flat roofs aren't 100% level. These roofs boast some degree of slope to allow rainwater to drain away without problems. If you're considering installing a flat roof in your new home, here are some of the likely benefits you should expect to enjoy.
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